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Tue 11 June 2019

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Set in the railway boom of the 1870s, The Way We Live Now captures the turmoil as the old order is swept aside by the brash new forces of business and finance. It contains all the elements that made Trollope the most popular novelist of his day - the trials and tribulations of young love, the enduring values of honourable men; but also the raw energy and excitement of the most powerful city the world had ever seen, and the greed and corruption that lay just below its glittering surface. It is packed with incident - elopement, scandal, suicide, fortunes made and lost, love lost and won.

The Way We Live Now - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 75 minutes

Premier: 2001-11-11

The Way We Live Now - The Way We Live Now (film) - Netflix

The Way We Live Now is a 1970 film, directed by Barry Brown, who was also its producer, cinematographer and film editor. It was written by Daniel Tamkus based on a novel by Warren Miller. The Way We Live Now was Linda Blair's first film.

The Way We Live Now - Plot - Netflix

Lionel Aldridge is an advertising executive in New York City who finds that, despite his success, he is depressed and unfulfilled. His mid-life crisis drives him to leave his wife and family, and he throws himself into a series of love affairs only to find that they leave him no closer to finding meaning in his life.

The Way We Live Now - References - Netflix


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