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Thu 27 June 2019

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Royal Navy Submarine Mission is a documentary series which follows the crew on the hunter-killer class submarine HMS Turbulent. Captain Ryan Ramsey and his 130 crew are getting ready for a mission that will see them stay underwater for 100 days as they patrol the pirate-infested waters surrounding the Horn of Africa. The uprising in Libyan though means the submarine is forced to plot a new course towards Tripoli, where the crew will have to protect civilians caught up in the conflict.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-09-05

Royal Navy Submarine Mission - Royal Navy Submarine Service - Netflix

The Royal Navy Submarine Service is the submarine element of the Royal Navy. It is sometimes known as the Silent Service, as the submarines are generally required to operate undetected. The service operates seven fleet submarines (SSNs), of the Trafalgar and Astute classes (with four currently planned or under construction), and four ballistic missile submarines (SSBN), of the Vanguard class. All of these submarines are nuclear powered. Since 1993 the post of Flag Officer Submarines has been dual-hatted with the post of Commander Operations. The service was for many years located at HMS Dolphin in Hampshire. It moved from Dolphin to the Northwood Headquarters in 1978. The Submarine School is now at HMS Raleigh at Torpoint in Cornwall.

Royal Navy Submarine Mission - LR5 Submarine Rescue System and the NATO Submarine Rescue System - Netflix

The Royal Navy operated the LR5 Submarine Rescue System, designed for retrieving sailors from stranded submarines. Capable of rescuing up to 16 sailors at a time, the system was deployed to the wreck site of the sunken Russian submarine Kursk. The system was replaced in 2004 with the NATO Submarine Rescue System which remains based in the UK. The Royal Navy, along with France and Norway, is part of the NATO Submarine Rescue System

Royal Navy Submarine Mission - References - Netflix


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