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Wed 24 April 2019

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From helicopters to Lamborghinis, mini-submarines and Hermes handbags, Posh Pawn uncovers the hidden world of high-end pawnbroking.

Posh Pawn - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-04-17

Posh Pawn - Mo Effanga - Netflix

Maureen “Mo” Effanga is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, played by actress Chizzy Akudolu. She first appeared in the fourteenth series episode “Double Bubble”, broadcast on 22 May 2012. Mo is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and a member of Holby's transplant team. She was introduced along with two other regular characters by the show's then executive producer Johnathan Young, who wanted more “truthful and complicated” characters in the series. When Akudolu read the character breakdown for Mo and learned that she was on the transplant team, she knew she wanted the part because she was passionate about organ donation as her brother has had a kidney transplant. The actress met with a heart consultant to help her prepare for the role. Mo is portrayed as having a bubbly and warm-hearted persona. Although her personal life is often “disorganised and chaotic”, Mo's work life is more structured and she is an excellent doctor. Mo arrived at Holby heavily pregnant and it emerged that she was acting as a surrogate for a friend. Mo's storylines often developed through her close friendship with nurse and transplant co-ordinator Jonny Maconie (Michael Thomson). The character has also been central to a controversial storyline in which she ignored the wishes of a donor's mother. NHS Blood and Transplant revealed that several people had asked to be removed from the donor register as a result of the storyline. Further exploration of the character's backstory began when her younger sister, Adele Effanga (Petra Letang), was introduced in 2014, followed by the rest of their family the following year. A subsequent storyline saw Mo discover she was adopted. Producers established a friendship between Mo and obstetrician-gynaecologist Derwood “Mr T” Thompson (Ben Hull) throughout 2015, which flourishes when Mr T develops a romantic interest in her. Mo's surrogate son was introduced in late 2015, which created a story where Mo decided to have a child of her own. Akudolu opted to leave her role in 2016 and the character departed in the nineteenth series episode “For the Love of Maureen”, broadcast on 13 June 2017. Akudolu has won and been nominated for several awards for her portrayal of Mo.

Posh Pawn - Family - Netflix

Further exploration of Mo's fictional backstory began after her younger sister, Adele (Petra Letang) was introduced to the show in January 2014. Adele is a healthcare assistant assigned to AAU. Mo was not initially aware of Adele's arrival and was surprised when she bumped into her sister in the corridor. Mo was convinced Adele would not last in a serious job, knowing her sister was not a serious girl, and bet Adele would not be strong enough to cut it at Holby. Series producer Simon Harper commented that while Mo loves her sister, she is not exactly delighted at having her work at the same hospital. Harper told Digital Spy's Daniel Kilkelly that Adele's arrival was a “major curveball” for Mo and explained “What's really nice about it is that, on paper, Mo is the sister who's done better and come good – but Adele has a wonderful talent of making them feel like children again. That makes Mo feel slightly undermined, so there's that to watch out for.” While Mo was focused enough to become a surgeon, Adele spent her life being “a bit of a drifter”. However, Moon observed that both women were cut from the same cloth and Letang agreed, saying that Adele and Mo were both feisty. When asked about what was coming up for Mo in 2014, Harper replied that Mo would begin to question herself professionally, but assured fans that she was not leaving the show. In May, Mo was hired to give medical advice on a local radio station, after Adele was fired for impersonating her. This caused a feud between the sisters, while Mo let her new celebrity status go to her head. Since the arrival of her sister at the hospital, Mo felt overshadowed by her, so she embraced the chance to gain “some notoriety”. Akudolu told Inside Soap's Katy Moon that Mo got caught up in her new job and loved the attention it brought her. Mo's relationship with Adele was further strained when Mo accused her sister of ignoring a patient's symptoms. Akudolu told Moon that Mo was still annoyed with Adele after she impersonated her on the radio and just saw her as “a nuisance”. She continued, “Deep down, she wants to be carefree like Adele, but there's not much time for play – she's so serious about her career.” Akudolu also expressed her desire to see more of Mo's family on-screen, saying there was “scope for a whole family to show up”. Mo and Adele's mother, Ina (Angela Wynter), and younger sister, Celia (Madra Ihegborow), were introduced in January 2015. Mo and Adele attended Celia's wedding to Max Niven (Robert Mountford), Mo's ex-boyfriend. Akudolu said Mo wanted to get married herself and have a family, so the fact her younger sister was getting married before her was “a bit of a blow”. Akudolu continued, “But Mo loves her little sister, so she's not going to try to derail the wedding. If she had her way, she'd break up Celia and Max at some point. Max is a plonker – he's not good enough for either Mo or Celia!” When Mo's father does not turn up for the wedding, everyone assumed he was caring for Grandad Effanga, but it soon emerged that he has gone away with his mistress. Mo tried to cheer her mother up by telling her she was better off without him, but this made her mother angry and she argued with Mo. Ina then revealed a family secret – that she was not Mo's mother, but her aunt – before collapsing from a heart attack. Akudolu commented that while Mo was hurt by her mother's revelation, she immediately “swings into medical mode” to help Ina. Akudolu called the wedding “a lot of fun to film” at the time of her departure. When Ina was later admitted to Darwin ward, it emerged that the bond she and Mo once shared had been “shattered”, leaving them both unsure how to act around each other. After Mo learned that Ina's condition was life-threatening, she realised that she could potentially lose the only person who acted as her mother. Mo then went to make her peace with Ina and decided that she should find her biological father. When Adele contacted Mo's father, Clifford George (Geff Francis), behind her back, the sisters fell out. Adele told Clifford that Mo was his daughter, resulting in him running away from her. Elliot was forced to intervene when Mo and Adele began an argument on the ward. While planning Adele's engagement party, Mo was unaware that Clifford had placed her life in danger, as he struggled to pay his debts to gangsters. They threatened to harm Mo, and junior doctor Arthur Digby (Rob Ostlere) later found a badly beaten woman outside the hospital, who turned out to be Adele.

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