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Mon 29 April 2019

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Tornadoes destroying entire stadiums, solar storms causing a worldwide blackout, typhoons with 200 mph winds, flood that could overflow the Thames Barrier, fire that can burn down entire cities, and ice storms that have strong winds. Perfect Disaster contains natural storms that take it to the extreme, which could happen one day.

Perfect Disaster - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2006-03-19

Perfect Disaster - Perfect Disaster - Netflix

Perfect Disaster was a one-hour American documentary television mini-series that premiered in 2006 on the Discovery Channel. The program depicted the worst-case scenario that major cities could expect in the near future if hit by extreme disaster. A large part of each episode was recounted the lives of citizens from each city, with the remainder of the program showing us real-world scientists discussing the very high probabilities of these disasters. The trademark tagline of the show was “When the conditions are right, it will all go wrong.” The series currently airs on the Science Channel.

Perfect Disaster - See also - Netflix

Mega Disasters, a very similar but longer-running television series on The History Channel. It Could Happen Tomorrow, another worst-case scenario series on The Weather Channel.

Perfect Disaster - References - Netflix


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