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Wed 19 June 2019

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History is littered with mysterious achievements, feats that cannot be explained by the known technology of the time. This series tackles four of these exploits, glimpsed through centuries-old literature and art, which were miraculously advanced for their time. Now, historians, technicians and artisans have come together to try to equal their forebears' genius and expertise and understand how these major achievements came about.

Machines Time Forgot - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2003-05-03

Machines Time Forgot - You Forgot It in People - Netflix

You Forgot It in People is the second studio album by Canadian band Broken Social Scene, released on October 15, 2002. It followed Feel Good Lost, and was the band's commercial breakthrough. You Forgot It in People features intricate, experimental production techniques and a large number of instruments coinciding with the band's vastly expanded size. Local hype for the album was so big that initial pressings sold out quickly, causing the need for a 2003 reissue. Music videos were made for “Stars and Sons”, “Cause = Time”, “Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)”, “Lover's Spit”, and “I'm Still Your Fag”. The album also features “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” and “Lover's Spit”, two songs that went on to become the band's biggest fan favourites. The songs that did not make it onto the album were featured in a B-sides compilation entitled Bee Hives, released in 2004.

Machines Time Forgot - Music - Netflix

After releasing Feel Good Lost, Broken Social Scene changed their style from making ambient instrumental songs to full-blown rock songs. As they expanded to an 11 piece collective, Broken Social Scene used a variety of sounds for the album. Reflecting on this, frontman Kevin Drew said “I was scared to see if people were going to embrace the idea of a whole shitload of sounds on one album.” You Forgot It in People also progresses to “proper” song style with defined verses and choruses.

Machines Time Forgot - References - Netflix


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