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Sat 08 June 2019

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Comedians Elis James and Miles Jupp take a series of unconventional trips around Wales.

James and Jupp - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-10-22

James and Jupp - Elis James - Netflix

Owain Elis James (born 3 November 1980) is a Welsh comedian and actor originally from Haverfordwest. He grew up in Carmarthen and later lived in Cardiff. He is now based in London. He is bilingual in Welsh and English. He has performed in both of the languages.

James and Jupp - Early life - Netflix

... I did normal office work which I was absolutely terrible at—I once got sacked from a temping job for slouching, and would routinely lie to get myself out of trouble before forgetting what lie I had told and thus making the problem worse. I did one temping job where I could do the work I needed to in about an hour so I’d take books in and read them when the boss wasn’t looking.

James was born in Haverfordwest and grew up in Carmarthen, Wales. He has two younger sisters. James's mother worked with the father of Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert and the mother of Welsh musician Euros Childs. Prior to becoming a professional comedian, James engaged in various forms of employment, including temp work, charity work and part-time work at a cafe. James explained in 2012:

James and Jupp - References - Netflix


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