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Sat 04 May 2019

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Take a seat and buckle-up; we're in for a wild ride with Highway Patrol.

Highway Patrol takes a rare fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the working lives of the Australian police officers who spend their days striving to keep our roads safe. From high-speed chases to violent conflicts and catching speeding drivers to investigating crash scenes, officers of the Victoria Police Traffic Units spend each day on the front line. As part of their job, the officers featured in Highway Patrol deal with drunken hooligans, defiant law breakers and simply lazy motorists, and they all pose an equal danger to themselves and others. These officers are passionate about their work, proud of what they do on a daily basis and invite viewers into their remarkable world in Highway Patrol.

Highway Patrol - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-09-21

Highway Patrol - New York City Police Department Highway Patrol - Netflix

The New York City Police Department Highway Patrol, also known as the NYPD Highway Patrol or by the shorthand NYPD HWY, is a specialized unit under the auspices of the NYPD's Transportation Bureau primarily responsible for patrolling and maintaining traffic safety on limited-access highways within New York City. The NYPD Highway Patrol's other duties and roles include accident investigations, advanced driver and radar training for NYPD officers, field sobriety testing, dignitary and parade escorts, hazardous material and truck traffic enforcement, anti-drag racing programs, and anti-terrorist checkpoints at key bridges and intersections in the city.

Highway Patrol - Organization - Netflix

The NYPD Highway Patrol is divided into four sub-units: Highway Unit #1 in the Bronx (covers Manhattan and the Bronx) Highway Unit #2 in Brooklyn Highway Unit #3 in Queens Highway Unit #5 in Staten Island Highway Unit #4 in Midtown Manhattan Disbanded September 2010 Highway Patrol also includes: Collision Technician Group Collision Investigation Squad (Highway 1, 2, 3 & 5 all have a squad) Highway District Driver Training Unit Motor Carrier Safety Unit

Highway Patrol - References - Netflix


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