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Wed 08 May 2019

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Every week, four people who had never met before, invite each other to dinner. Usually, dinner consists of starter, main course and dessert. Each chef's cooking and arrangements are judged by the other three persons and the participants during the week gets the best rating wins the race. Each participant gives a rating in the range of 1 to 10. In total, a cook can get maximum 30 points.

Halv åtta hos mig - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Swedish

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2008-10-06

Halv åtta hos mig - Halv åtta hos mig - Netflix

Halv åtta hos mig (Swedish for Half past seven at my place) is a TV4 television programme shown in Sweden, first broadcast in October 2008. The show is based on the ITV Studios television format Come Dine With Me broadcast on Channel 4 UK. The show has four amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants. Each competitor then rates the host's performance with the winner winning a 15,000 SEK cash prize. An element of comedy is added to the show through comedian Helge Skoog, who provides a sarcastic narration.

Halv åtta hos mig - Series 6: Spring 2011 - Netflix

Halv åtta hos mig - References - Netflix


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