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Thu 27 June 2019

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Everything suddenly changed in Csillagkut. The life grows up in this tiny Budapest-agglomeration town. Everybody creates new gossips about Peter Pongracz, who give up his American welfare and career, because to establish a new hospital. Actually: in Csillagkut. He gets the old castle and converted to a hospital which costs lot of. Anybody who were here can see how the hospital beautiful. But not everybody likes Pongracz, especially the local entrepreneur and restaurant-owner Elod Varnagy. He had something else to do with the castle and the well. And he experienced that not everything can be bought by money.

For Better or Worse - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Hungarian

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2005-01-23

For Better or Worse - List of For Better or For Worse characters - Netflix

The characters in Lynn Johnston's cartoon strip For Better or For Worse have extensive back stories. The birthdates of the characters given below were the characters' birthdates as shown on the strip's website prior to the cartoonist's decision to re-boot the strip from 1 September 2008, returning the setting to the early years of John and Elly's marriage.

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Shiimsa Elizabeth Patterson's cat. Though her breed is never clearly identified by the strip, many readers speculated she was a gray tabby mix. Discovered as a stray kitten by Elizabeth's student Jesse, he manipulates Elizabeth to take her in. Initially unreceptive to the expense, messes and shedding hair, Elizabeth comes to enjoy her cat. (Shiimsa, pronounced “SHEEM-sah”, means “little animal friend” in Japanese.) Shiimsa moves back to Milborough with Elizabeth but whether Shiimsa remains at the Patterson family home with the other pets or moves to Anthony's house after Elizabeth's marriage was not shown. Ned Tanner Not a person but a grinning, six-inch, anatomically correct figurine with bendable plastic limbs and suction cups. Josef “Weed” Weeder, a photographer who often works with Michael, regards “Ned” as his tongue-in-cheek mascot, as does Michael, and they keep him in the apartment they share when they are students together at the University of Western Ontario. Originally a naked man which annoys an old lady neighbor of theirs; Michael and Josef add a pair of swim trunks to Ned in an attempt to get her off their backs. When Weed falls in love with his assistant, Carleen Stein, he gives Ned to Carleen, to Michael's dismay, who demands him back as he feels that Weed does not value what Ned stands for: he is their 'futility symbol'. Meredith flushes Ned down the toilet, but his fate remains unknown until late November/early December 2006, when Robin flushes Michael's socks down the toilet. A plumber has to be called, and in unclogging the toilet, they find not only the socks but also Ned. As a result of this incident, Weed once again claims Ned.

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