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Wed 26 June 2019

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Bobby's World was an animated series which aired on FOX from 1990-1998. It followed the daily life of Bobby Generic & his very overactive imagination on how he sees the world.

Bobby's World - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1990-09-08

Bobby's World - Bobby Mackey's Music World - Netflix

Bobby Mackey's Music World is a nightclub and honky tonk located in Wilder, Kentucky, United States owned by country singer Bobby Mackey. Urban legends claim the nightclub is the site of hauntings, murders, and suicides, however no credible evidence exists for such claims.

Bobby's World - Popular culture - Netflix

On December 13, 1991, Mackey, his wife Janet, and caretaker Carl Lawson were guests on The Jerry Springer Show. On October 30, 1992, Mackey, his wife Janet, Lawson and others were guests on Geraldo. A 1995 UPN special, Real Ghosts aka Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories, featured interviews with the Mackeys. A 2006 episode of the National Geographic Channel's documentary series Is It Real? featured the nightclub. The 2006 Discovery Channel's docudrama series A Haunting featured the nightclub. The 2008 premiere episode of the Travel Channel's ghost-hunting series Ghost Adventures featured interviews with former caretaker Carl Lawson, and author Douglas Hensley. The network later released a 3-part web series called Return to Bobby Mackey's, and the nightclub was featured again on the program in late 2010. On October 9, 2009, the nightclub was featured on Travel Channel's Most Terrifying Places in America. On November 16, 2011, the nightclub was featured on the SyFy program Ghost Hunters. The nightclub was featured on an episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved titled “The Ghosts and Demons of Bobby Mackey's”

Bobby's World - References - Netflix


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