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Sun 30 June 2019

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Remote-controlled, armored and weaponized machines called BattleBots fight to the death in an arena called the BattleBox. The purpose of the fight is for one robot, or "bot", to dominate or disable the other.

BattleBots - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2000-08-23

BattleBots - BattleBots (season 1) - Netflix

Season 1 of the American competitive television series BattleBots premiered on Comedy Central on August 23, 2000. Season 1 of BattleBots was hosted by Bil Dwyer and Sean Salisbury. Legendary boxing ring announcer and radio host Mark Beiro acted as the BattleBots arena announcer. Donna D'Errico, along with twins Randy and Jason Sklar were the arena-side correspondents. The pilot, known as episode one was originally aired as a Pay-per-view event before being pitched to network executives.

BattleBots - Classifications - Netflix

Robots in season 1 competed in four separate weight classes: Lightweight – Contestants Middleweight – Contestants Heavyweight – Contestants Super Heavyweight – Contestants

BattleBots - References - Netflix


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